Sketch’s Square Bed

Flickering IT!!!


Dogs can see flickering light better than humans. The only significance to this appears to be that dogs may see television as a series of moving frames rather than as a continuous scene.

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Dog’s eye view


This collection is inspired and designed by the belief that, in order to bring people closer to dogs with better and true understanding, people should know what dogs see and feel.


We take the first step by explaining about how dogs see the world. This will explain some of the dogs’ behaviours that we can never imagine the true reasons such as their ability to see colours, or how they perceive visual images, their eyesights.


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This bed series are specially designed and printed on delicate canvas. The bed frame is made of fleece, which gives extra comfort for your pets. The cover can be taken off for your convenience in washing.


Machine wash with cold water.


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Small  25”x 25”x 8”  for 3,100bht

Medium  30”x 30”x 10”  for 3,800bht    

Large  45”x 45”x v12”  for 4,900bht