What is S k e t c h?
We are a health and living pet product developer.
We believe in the balance between function and style.
We have strong concern on animals, environment, and the earth.
We pursue our philosophy in bringing the better life for our pets, as well as other animals and the world.
We believe in design that carries out professionalism with a twist of humours.It’s fun and it’s intellectual.

Our story
Sketch is a health and living pet product brand. The brand was established by Doodletons & Friends Co.,Ltd. Who entered pet product market with a premium dog clothes house brand called “Doodletons” since 2009. The idea and concept of the Doodletons is to provide pet products, mainly for dogs, inspired and derived from human fashion and design trends. After a few years in the pet market, the expertise and experience pushed Doodletons to take the next step into the health and living products segment and to eventually expand into other global markets.

Our philosophy
To provide solutions to better health and living for pets and the owners.